6th July 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Canada U21 celebrate gold!

The heated battle for gold turned out better for the Canadians. Jesse Dzikowicz opened the scoring in the first period with a quick shot to the far post. At that point, no one knew this would be the only legal goal scored in the game. Canada's defense held strong, supported by a solid performance by Maggie Jones in the net, who made 21 saves to shut out the Slovaks. The Canadians added an empty-netter in the final minute, but the goal was eventually ruled out. Therefore, the final score stayed only 1-0 in favor of Canada which can celebrate gold!
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

9. Dzikowicz (Simpson)


Martina Zedníková, Erica Simpson

Official game sheet

Canada U21

Jones (Glass) – Guy, Payment, Hawryshko, Tuba, Brownridge, Eaton, Lannon (C), Pugosa, Simpson, Thomas (A), Dzikowicz, Meunier-Geoffroy, Faulkner, Wilson, Hayley, Butler, Vigneau Sargeant (A), Drover, Irvine, Carnegie

Slovakia U21

Cengelová (Dráfiová, Sumegová) – Mandelíková, Taricsová, Mateičková, Klimantová (A), Nilabovičová, Klapicová, Čillíková, Macková, Cvejnová, Hambálková S. Hambálková L., Štrbáková (C), Martincová, Rybárová, Senková, Amrichová, Nemčeková, Debnárová, Čorňáková, Lopušanová (A), Golská, Pavlíková


Chris Sirovyak (CAN): ,,It was a tough game. It was a battle going back and forth. We had to stick to our defensive structure and I'm very happy that it worked out in the end for the girls."

Marián Hambálek (SVK): "I think it was a very good match. Perhaps the slightly luckier team won, but Canada definitely deserves it for the entire championship. The final was a very close game, we had plenty of chances, but they had an excellent goalkeeper. We didn't score a goal, we didn't win. We have an average age of 16 and I take my hat off to our team for fighting with heart, one player after another. I believe that this team has a lot more to achieve in the future."