5th July 2023 - Štěpán Navrátil

Nerve-racking U21 semifinals for Slovakia

The Czechoslovak duel got off to a cautious start but quickly picked up the pace. The Slovaks slowly built up a two-goal lead going into the third period, but the Czechs were determined and managed to equalize thanks to two back-to-back goals by Krásová Landová. A tense back-and-forth battle ensued shortly after as three more goals were scored within the next four minutes, with Slovakia being up by one. In a nerve-racking dying minutes, Nela Lopušanová scored an empty-netter to complete a hattrick, sending Slovakia into the finals against Canada.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

10. Becková (Ištoková), 36. Krásová (Landová, Červíková), 38. Landová (Konečná), 40. Pangerlová (Škorpíková) – 9. Nilabovičová (Taricsová), 25. Mandelíková, 35. Lopušanová (Štrbáková), 38. Mandelíková (Lopušanová), 41. Lopušanová, 43. Lopušanová


Meghan MacTavish, Erica Simpson

Official game sheet

Czechia U21

Hořínková – Konečná, Kotyrová, Petrášková, Červíková, Šlemarová, Ondrová, Plecerová, Štěpková – Kantorová, Škorpíková, Pangerlová, Kotlíková, Krásová, Landová, Ištoková, Procházková, Becková, Hasíková, Mikulová, Zavoralová

Slovakia U21

Cengelová – Amrichová, Štrbáková, Macková, Nemčeková, Hambálková, Čillíková, Cvejnová, Čorňáková – Mateičková, Mandelíková, Lopušanová, Nilabovičová, Martincová, Debnárová, Pavlíková, Hambálková, Klimantová, Klapicová, Taricsová, Golská, Rybárová, Senková


Michal Broulík (CZE): „It is difficult to evaluate it, of course, we wanted to play the final in front of our home crowd, and it was close. The match started better for the opponents, but we managed to equalize. The Slovaks then took the lead again, but we told ourselves that we would try to equalize again in the third period. We succeeded, and I think it showed the strength of our team. Unfortunately, it's a shame that the opponents immediately scored again after our equalizer, but we managed to get back into the game once more. We fought until the end, and in the final moments, we needed to play with six players, but unfortunately, it didn't work out.“

Marián Hambálek (SVK): „We expected a very tough match as the home team is usually well-prepared. However, I had complete faith in the girls. Despite having an average age of only 16, this team has heart, unity, and quality. I am very satisfied with both the result and the girls' attitude and performance.“