4th July 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Big win for Czechia U18 against Canada

A fantastic start propelled the Czechs toward their second win as Jan Pilař scored the first just 37 seconds in. The Canadians then equalized during a 5-on-3 power-play. However, Czechia then scored three unanswered goals, building up a somewhat comfortable lead. Despite a late Canadian effort, resulting in Reeve Sukut's goal to get back in touch, the hosts managed to stay ahead and get a big 5-3 win over a very tough opponent.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

1. Pilař (Kachlík), 14. Pilař (Kachlík), 22. Kantor (Pavlíček), 26. Daníček (Kantor, Vyhlídal), 45. Daníček – 5. Sukut (Goretzki), 6. Cooksey (Osborne, Campbell), 41. Sukut (Cooksey, Olney)


Trevor Jarvis, Petr Rybon

Official game sheet

Czechia U18

Koudela – Drechsler, Kamaryt (A), Pavlíček, Daníček (A), Pilař, Palán, Malý, Musílek, Kantor, Kachlík, Duchek, Mikšovský, Šlechta, Zezulka, Zámečník, Lehner (C), Rod, Jedelský, Krbec, Vyhlídal, Mikula

Canada U18

Gagnon – Palerno, Campbell, Lamanna, Osborne, Olney, Scott, Cooksey, Goretzki (A), Alsip, Vienneau, Hansen (C), Lies, Sukut, Chabot, Rotondi (A), Smith, Crosbie, Rij, Lovett


Martin Davídek (CZE): "After today's first game, when we defeated the Swiss, I was still a bit hesitant. We changed the tactics a bit, some guys rested in the morning. We knew it would be tough, we gave everyone a chance, we basically played with four lines, but I felt that we could beat Canada. We tried to motivate the guys to the fullest, playing against Canada is probably the pinnacle of the World Championship for all of them. Plus, it probably helped us that we will go into the semifinals in a better position. I hope we are tuned into a winning streak and that it will continue like this tomorrow."

Kevin Marchuk (CAN): „It was a struggle for us. I feel like we bounced up with our powerplay goals with the Czechs in the first period. They got the game back to 2-2 and after that the Czech team was the better team. They moved the ball better and they had more scoring chances. We had a really good push in the third period when we started to move our legs. We scored to make it 4-3 but we just couldn’t find the fourth goal."