3rd July 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

U18 federal derby decisively for Slovakia

A sensational first period by the Slovaks decided the entire match. Sisík opened the scoring in the 7th minute, followed by goals by Zámborský and Matušín. Slovakia showed a great performance in the second period. In particular, goalie Mališ was exceptional, but unfortunately, he sustained an injury and did not return for the third period. The game momentum remained firmly in the Slovak hands in the final period as goals from Zámborský and Zajac adjusted the score to 6-0 for Slovakia.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

7. Sisík (Feranec), 10. Franek (Semančík), 11. Matušinský (Čenčarík, Zámborský), 18. Feranec (Šatka, Vaverčák), 41. Šatka (Sisík), 42. Zajac (Čech, Botka)


Trevor Jarvis, Petr Rybon

Official game sheet

Slovakia U18

Máliš (31. Janouš) – Čenčarík, Matušinský, Rokos, Zajac, Demčák, Franek, Zámborský, Šatka, Polák, Semančík, Derlich, Sisík, Botka (A), Jankovič, Božoň, Vaverčák (C), Tisovčík, Knapík, Brejčák, Feranec (A), Novajovský, Čech

Czechia U18

Koudela – Drechsler, Kamaryt (A), Pavlíček, Daníček (A), Pilař, Palán, Malý, Musílek, Kantor, Kachlík, Duchek, Mikšovský, Šlechta, Žežulka, Zámečník, Lehner (C), Rod, Jedelský, Krbec, Vyhlídal, Mikula


Tomáš Hirkala (SVK): „We managed to catch the start of the game, we were able to create pressure, convert chances, and score goals. We quickly took the lead, which was crucial in this match. We slipped a bit in the second period, we let ourselves be unnecessarily penalized and gave the opponent a chance. Fortunately, the goalkeeper supported us in certain moments. I'm glad we pulled it off in the end, even though our performance declined a bit."

Martin Davídek (CZE): „We started better than in the morning against the United States. I think we had the upper hand, but we conceded a goal due to our mistakes. Our defense is not going well, and although we hit the post twice, we couldn't score, and that decided the game. When the Slovaks take the lead, they are a very unpleasant opponent, and they proved it today as well. The opponent played much better and it's easier when the score is 3-0. We wanted to lift the guys to at least score a goal, but we didn't succeed. It's behind us now, and we need to rest and prepare for the next day. We'll see what will happen."