3rd July 2023 - Martin Rambousek

Czechia U21 dominated USA

The Czech women took control of the game early in the first few minutes, they were up by two by the fourth minute. They dominated the Americans for the whole 45 minutes, netting five in the second period. In total, the hosts scored nine goals, with Michaela Krásová netting two and putting up one assist to secure a 9-1 opening win for Czechia after a fantastic overall performance against one of the most difficult opponents of the tournament.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

2. Ištoková (Šlemarová), 4. Krásová (Landová), 17. Krásová (Landová), 25. Procházková (Ištoková), 27. Kotlíková (Pangerlová), 27. Mikulová (Procházková), 29. Landová (Krásová), 37. Zavoralová (Mikulová), 39. Pangerlová – 29. Grayová (Simpsonová, Hucicová)


Dagmar Mihálová, Meghan MacTavish

Official game sheet

Czechia U21

Hořínková – Svatošová, Petrášková, Šlemarová, Ondrová, Štěpková, Konečná, Kotyrová, Plecerová, Červíková (A) – Hasíková, Kantorová, Procházková (A), Škorpíková (C), Pangerlová, Mikulová, Kotlíková, Zavoralová, Becková, Landová, Krásová, Ištoková.


Busillo – Walsh (A), O`Melia, Biagetti, Tedesco (C), Bish, Seymour – Simpson, Slovensky, Catanzariti, Cunningham, Pushkar, Schubmehl, Caviston, Hucic, Gray, Gajor, Powell.


Michal Broulík (CZE): „We had a meeting in the morning, of course, we have fourteen newcomers in the team, so we didn't know how we would cope with that. The USA is always a force to be reckoned with in ball hockey, they are an overseas team, so we tried to prepare the girls, not so much tactically, as we have covered that in the camps, where we practiced until the last moment, but mainly to ensure that we had the right mindset. We managed it mentally, and I'm glad we succeeded. I think the course of the match was a bit like a fairytale. We said it would be nice to score a quick goal to calm the girls down and reduce the opponent's pressure. However, in the second half of the first period, we were the weaker team, unnecessarily panicking, but in the second period, I think it was already definitively decided."

Taylor Steadman (USA): „It was our first match, we learned a lot. We’re gonna go and regroup and figure out next steps for us. We’re gonna take our lessons, stay positive and continue to learn and grow through this tournament and just get better as we go."