6th July 2023 - Redakce

U18 friendly for local Ústí nad Labem which beat Switzerland 6-3

Switzerland finished fifth in the group stage of the U18 tournament, thus they were set to play a friendly against a local U20 team Elba DDM Ústí nad Labem. Elba started the game strong, building up a two-goal lead in the first period and adding a third one later. Although the Swiss took their time to find the ground underneath their feet, they stroke quickly, scoring two before the end of the second period, narrowing the margin to just one goal. However, the last period was once again in control by Elba, which scored three times to secure a 6-3 win.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

Branky a nahrávky: 26. Lüthi (Wyss), 30. Jaussi (Straub), 45. Berchtold – 9. Jelen, 15. Čaloun (Riska), 22. Jelen (Koval, Filip), 37. Filip (Růžička, Čaloun), 44. Kincl (Kapusta), 45. Kohout (Čaloun)


Jančík, Rybon

Switzerland U18

Della Rosa (Stuchly) – Flueler, Wyss, Bernhard, Luscher, Uhr, Plattner, Nerchtold, Kohli, Huber – Spahni, Riesen, Vanoli, Leutert, Hegglin, Andermatt, Stein, Canosa, Bongni, Luthi, Klaus, Straub, Jaussi

ELBA DDM Ústí nad Labem U18

Koudelka (Norek) – Doucha, Kohout, Matušík, Riska, Růžička, Urbánek, Mejstřík – Filip, Čaloun M., Černý, Jelen, Kapusta, Kincl, Koval, Zeman, Čaloun L., Janda