6th July 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Unbelivable comeback gets Canada U18 bronze!

The North American third-place derby offered an intense battle until the final moments! The Americans got off to a better start as Alex Thomas scored on a power play. They held onto the lead until the dying minutes of the second period when Cole Cooksey equalized. However, the most captivating display came at the very end of the game. After goals by Biagetti and DiBenedetto, the USA got into a two-goal lead. With only five minutes remaining, it seemed like the Americans were on track to win the bronze medals. But then the Canadians made a dreamy comeback. Three quick goals by Zazula Campbell, Maguire, and Lies within just three minutes turned the score in their favor! Joseph Lies, in particular, probably just became a Canadian hero as he secured the bronze for his country at time 43:53, leaving the Americans empty-handed.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

11. Thomas (Impagliazzo), 35. Biagetti (Cadwallader), 40. Dibenedetto (Cadwallader, Biagetti) – 29. Cooksey (Rotondi, Goretzki), 41. Campbell (Sukut), 42. Maguire (Smith), 44. Lies


Cícha, Jonák

Official game sheet


Scanlon – Regalski, Morin (C), Warner-Senee, Johnson, Bigenho (A), O'Meila – Meek, O'Connor, Biagetti, Dibenedetto, Nackrelli, Impagliazzo, Heenan, Battista (A), Tosh, Thomas, Cadwallader, Alter, Manning-Almeida.

Canada U18

Muc – Palermo, Campbell, Osborne, Olney, Goretzki (A), Alsip, Lies, Rotondi (A) – Lamanna, Scott, Cooksey, Maguire (C), Vienneau, Hansen, Sukut, Chabot, Smith, Crosbie, Rij, Lovett.


Edward Costa (USA): „Like all week, we started great, but we just couldn’t finish. That’s on me as a headcoach to get my boys to finish.“

Kevin Marchuk (CAN): „At the beginning, we struggled offensively. Then, we scored once and pushed for more goals. I told the guys to stay patient and keep shooting. In the end, we found that strength within us and managed to turn the match around and win for our country. Between Canada and the USA, there are always great battles, so we highly value this victory.“