5th July 2023 - Martin Soukup

Slovakia U18 remain unbeaten! Will play for gold

The Slovaks started the game strongly as they scored in the second minute. Marek Brejčák's long-range shot surprised Gagnon. Canada had an answer right up their sleeves though, goals by Zazula Campbell and Cooksey quickly turned the score in Canada's favor. However, from that point, only Slovakia scored. The Slovaks netted three unanswered goals and were up by two before the second intermission. Slovakia then fended off the Canadians in the final period, securing a 4-2 win, and will play for gold against home Czechia!
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

2. Brejčák (Matušinský), 13. Polák (Matušinský), 19. Matušinský (Semančík, Zajac), 22. Božoň (Zajac) – 6. Campbell (Osborne), 10. Cooksey (Osborne, Campbell)


Jiří Cícha, Vilém Jonák

Official game sheet

Slovakia U18

Sebastyén – Feranec (A), Božoň, Botka (A), Semančík, Čenčarík, Brejčák, Tiskovčík, Rokos – Demčák, Knapík, Čech – Vaverčák (C), Sisík, Šatka – Zámborský, Zajac, Novajovský – Matušinský, Polák, Jankovič – Franek, Derlich

Canada U18

Gagnon – Campbell, Osborne, Goretzki, Rotondi (A), Lies, Palermo, Alsip, Olney – Sukut, Hansen (C), Cooksey – Maguire (A), Lamanna, Smith – Lovett, Vienneau, Rij – Crosbie, Scott, Chabot


Ľubomír Líška (SVK): "We learned from our first game against Canada. We are aware of our strength, and we are very confident in our 5-on-5 play. If we remained disciplined, we had to win the semifinals. We were disciplined, we played exactly as we wanted, and we didn't give Canada a chance."

Kevin Marchuk (CAN): "We knew it would be another tough match against Slovakia. We took an early 2-1 lead, and our offense was clicking, but then we made some defensive breakdowns that ultimately cost us the game. Towards the end, we tried to mount a comeback, and we came close, but in the end, it wasn't enough. Tomorrow, we will do everything to win the bronze medal for Canada."