5th July 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Czechia U18 triumph over USA, to play for gold!

The Czechs secured their spot in the final of the U18 tournament! However, the journey was far from easy, as the USA team struck first. Louis O'Connor opened the scoring in the fourth minute. The rest of the game was Marek Daníček's masterclass, though. He equalized just before the first intermission, and after a short back-and-forth battle during which both teams scored once, he took the matter into his hands. Scoring twice in the final period, he completed a hattrick, sending his team to play for gold despite a slow start into the tournament!
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

4. O’Connor (Cadwallader), 28. Manning-Almeida (Impagliazzo, Warner-Senee) – 14. Daníček (Vyhlídal, Kantor), 18. Pavlíček (Krbec), 32. Daníček (Vyhlídal, Mikula), 45. Daníček (Vyhlídal)


Roman Jančík, Michael Vitello

Official game sheet


Silva – Meek, O’Connor, Regalski, Biagetti, DiBenedetto, Morin (C), Nackrelli, Imagliazzo, Heenan, Warner-Senee, Johnson, Battista (A), Tosh, Thmas, Bigenho (A), O’Meila, Cadwallader, Alter, Manning-Almeida

Czechia U18

Koudela – Drechlser, Kamaryt (A), Pavlíček, Daníček (A), Pilař, Palán, Malý, Musílek, Kantor, Kachlík, Duchek, Mikšovský, Šlechta, Žežulka, Zámečník, Lehner (C), Rod, Jedelský, Krbec, Vyhlídal, Mikula


Willie McKeen (USA): „Playing in front of a home crowd is tough. We knew that going into it. Our powerplay didn’t perform like we needed to. Special teams is what decided the game for the Czechs."

Martin Davídek (CZE): "We believed that we wouldn't lose to them for the second time. The first match wasn't great from our side, but now our form is improving. Even though we were losing, we were able to turn the score around, and goalkeeper Koudelka supported us. I dare say that we deservedly won. It was a hard-fought performance, a job well done. So many penalties, hats off to the guys for handling it. We are deservedly in the final."