5th July 2023 - Martin Rambousek

Slovakia U21 defeated USA, to face Czechia in semifinals

The Slovaks controlled the last game of the group stage from the opening minutes, with Alexandra Mateičková opening the scoring in the fourth minute. Slovakia decided the game in the first period, building up a four-goal lead. Nela Lopušanová contributed significantly to the victory with one goal and three assists, despite only playing the first 30 minutes as the whole first forward line didn't play in the last period to save energy for the semifinals against Czechia. Slovakia beat the USA 6-1, the Americans will play Canada in the semifinals.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

43. Schubmehlová (Slovenskyová) – 4. Mateičková (Lopušanová), 6. Taricsová (Čillíková), 9. Lopušanová (Mandelíková), 14. Mateičková (Štrbáková, Lopušanová), 19. Taricsová (Štrbáková, Lopušanová), 32. Hambálková (Pavlíková)


Martina Zedníková, Meghan MacTavish

Official game sheet


Busill – Walsh (A), Caviston, Tedesco (C), Seymour, O'Melia, Biagetti (A), Bish – Powell, Gray, Cunningham – Catanzariti, Simpson, Hucic – Schubmehl, Pushkar, Slovensky – Gajor

Slovakia U21

Sumegová – Štrbáková (C), Amrichová, Nemčeková, Macková, Čillíková, Hambálková, Čorňáková, Cvejnová – Lopušanová (A), Mandelíková, Mateičková – Debnárová, Martincová, Nilabovičová – Klimantová (A), Hambálková, Pavlíková – Golská, Taricsová, Klapicová – Senková, Rybárová


Sonjia Shelly (USA): ¨We showed up a little scrambled. We didn't play our best. We are gonna regroup as a team and we will reset our system. We are only looking forward from now on. Canada is tough opponent and we are excited to be playing them, because we put up good fight against them in the group.¨

Marián Hambálek (SVK): ¨There is no championship, where USA would be weak, they are a tough opponent every time. It was a good and beautiful match. We played disciplined and I am satisfied with the result. I am glad, our girls were able to follow what we told them before the game. That was to decide the game in the first period so we could save some energy for the play-offs. ¨