5th July 2023 - Kryštof Havíř

Czech women scored 17 against Great Britain!

The final game of the group stage was opened with the fastest goal of the tournament so far! Karolína Procházková tapped in a back-door pass from Svatošová after just 9 seconds of play! The Czechs didn't let Great Britain play at all, outshooting them 75-2 in process. Procházková and Krásová both notched hattricks, with Landová racking up six points in a 17-0 victory. Czechia thus secured the second seed for the semifinals, where they will play Slovakia.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

1. Procházková (Svatošová, Landová), 8. Krásová (Kotlíková), 13. Kotlíková (Konečná), 15. Škorpíková (Kotyrová), 18. Landová (Krásová), 20. Ištoková (Procházková), 21. Kotlíková (Červíková, Landová), 23. Landová (Procházková, Kotlíková), 24. Červíková (Zavoralová), 30. Ondrová, 33. Pangerlová (Kantorová), 33. Procházková, 35. Krásová (Landová), 36. Procházková (Ištoková, Becková), 37. Svatošová (Škorpíková), 40. Kantorová (Škorpíková), 41. Krásová (Kotlíková, Landová)


Deana Cuglietta, Erika Daňková

Official game sheet

Czechia U21

Fajfrová (Hořínková) – Svatošová, Petrášková, Šlemarová, Ondrová, Štěpková, Konečná, Kotyrová, Plecerová, Červíková (A) – Hasíková, Kantorová, Procházková (A), Škorpíková (C), Pangerlová, Mikulová, Kotlíková, Zavoralová, Becková, Landová, Krásová, Ištoková

Great Britain U21

Ward (Hyatt) – E. Benson, S. Kingsbury, T. Walker, J. Daniel, Sadler, Troup, Price (A) – Stevenson, Trusswell (C), Boardman, K. Daniel, Ashton, A. Kingsbury, S. Benson, Fay (A), Bennett, M. Walker, Farr


Michal Broulík (CZE): "With all due respect to our opponents, we expected both the result. The only thing we're dealing with is injuries. Against the Brits, we were able to try out many things and put players on the field whom we didn't push too hard. We're looking forward to the semifinals. We defeated the Slovaks, so the nervousness shouldn't be that high. It will greatly depend on who scores the first goal. I believe the girls will handle it."