5th July 2023 - Martin Soukup

Canada U18 secured place in semifinals, Smith netted three

The Canadians flew into the game like a hurricane and scored four goals in the first period. The bombardment did not stop in the second period, in which Canada scored another five. The Swiss also broke the scoring drought as Pablo Bertschold beat Muc. Canada added three more goals in the third period, with Hudson Smith completing a hattrick and racking up five points in total. The Canadians beat Switzerland 12-2, securing a spot in the semifinals, in which they will play Slovakia.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

7. Sukut (Smith), 8. Scott (Crosbie), 9. Lovett (Palermo, Alsip), 13. Smith (Maguire), 19. Rotondi (Sukut), 23. Lovett (Vienneau), 24. Scott (Sukut, Chabot), 25. Lamanna (Crosbie), 29. Smith (Maguire), 31. Maguire (Smith, Rij), 38. Smith (Lovett, Vienneau), 39. Palermo (Crosbie) – 27. Berchtold (Huber, Vanoli), 39. Straub (Jaussi)


Trevor Jarvis, Roman Jančík

Official game sheet

Canada U18

Muc – Alsip, Olney, Palermo, Lies, Campbell, Osborne, Goretzki, Rotondi (A) – Maguire (A), Lamanna, Smith – Sukut, Hansen (C), Cooksey – Crosbie, Scott, Chabot – Lovett, Vienneau, Rij

Switzerland U18

Della Rossa, (Stuchly) – Berchtold, Huber, Bernhard, Wyss, Uhr, Lüscher, Flüeler, Plattner – Vanoli, Straub (A), Jaussi (C) – Lüthi, Klaus, Spahni – Hegglin, Riesen (A), Stein – Bongni, Leutert, Canosa – Andermatt


Kevin Marchuk (CAN): I'm happy. The boys played with heart, shot each other, we were active, we ran and finished situations. We have been waiting a long time for this championship, which could not take place due to covid. We enjoy every game.

Bastian Steiger (SUI): It was a match with a strong opponent. We could only surprise. Unfortunately, it is a big loss.