4th July 2023 - Kryštof Havíř

USA U18 demolished Switzerland 12-2

The United States started great right off the bat. They scored just two and a half minutes in, and even though Swiss players equalized the game later in the first period, the Americans still managed to reclaim the lead seconds before the first intermission. The second period decided the game as the USA scored three goals to build up an unreachable lead. The Americans didn't slow down, however, and added seven more goals in the last period to make the final score 12-2, with Sab DiBenedetto and Ethan Alter netting a hattrick.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

3. Dibenedetto (Impagliazzo), 15. Thomas (Biagetti, Cadwallader), 21. Biagetti (Manning-Almeida, Dibenedetto), 27. Alter (Warner-Senee), 28. Cadwallader (O'Connor), 34. Cadwallader (Biagetti, Alter), 37. Alter (Impagliazzo, Biagetti), 40. Alter, 41. Regalski (Nackrelli), 43. Dibenedetto (Alter), 44. Dibenedetto (Alter), 45. Morin (Nackrelli) – 14. Vanoli (Straub), 35. Lüthi


Jonák, Vitello

Official game sheet


Silva (Scanlon, Bergeron) – Regalski, Morin (C), Warner-Senee, Johnson, Bigenho (A), O'Meila – Meek, O'Connor, Biagetti (A), Dibenedetto, Nackrelli, Impagliazzo, Heenan, Battista, Tosh, Thomas, Cadwallader, Alter, Manning-Almeida

Switzerland U18

Stuchly (Nussbaum, Della Rossa) – Flüeler, Wyss, Bernhard, Lüscher, Uhr, Plattner, Berchtold, Kohli (A), Huber – Spahni, Riesen, Vanoli, Leutert, Hegglin, Andermatt, Stein, Canosa, Bongni, Lüthi, Klaus, Straub (A), Jaussi (C)


Edward Costa (USA): "It was a good match, and we managed it exactly as we wanted. However, it was challenging for the Swiss because they played two matches in one day. If they had played only one game, the game would have been much closer. Their players were really tired. Nevertheless, we have to make the most of it for the upcoming games."