1st July 2023 - Kryštof Havíř

Canada U23 finish round-robin phase with convincing win against Great Britain

Although Canada won the game by a significant margin, it was the Brits who scored first. Elliot Lewis surprised the Canadian goalie with a quick wrist shot by the blocker in the second minute. However, the Canadians dominated the rest of the game in the remainder of the first period. Great Britain had one more up their sleeve as Elliot Lewis added his second goal of the game. That was all from the Brits though while Canada scored six more times with nine different players getting on the scoreboard in total. Canada U23 will face Slovakia in the semifinals, Great Britain will fight for fifth place against Switzerland.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

5. Rawji (Granitto, Smilsky), 6. Oleksiuk, 8. Keough (Rawji, Broaders), 13. Broaders (Maher), 19. Kelly (Maher, Rawji), 22. Smilsky (Neilson, Robinson), 26. Mahren (Lock), 31. Oleksiuk (Lock), 39. Keough (Rawji, Broaders), 43. Neilson (Fenwick) – 2. Lewis (Gallagher, Luknar), 17. Lewis (Luknar)


Jakub Musil, Martin Bogdáň

Official game sheet

Canada U23

Allin (Petrelli) – Granitto, N. Smilsky, Fenwick, Battaglia, Maher (C), M. Smilsky, Burke, Dosanjh, Sahota (A) – Keough (A), Broaders, Gosse, Lock, Neilson, Oleksiuk, Richards, Wyatt, Robinson, Kelly, Rawji

Great Britain U23

Neish (Hickton) – Howie, Luknar, Jackson (A), Clayton, Beasley, Phillips, Karmali (C) – Holicka, Gallagher, Bolstridge, Sire, Lewis, Rae, Ray, Ch. Mohr (A), Bonewell, S. Mohr, Cox, Paget


Dave Weloy (CAN): ¨So first of all, I would like to talk about Great Britain. I am super proud of them. You love to see how their programm si growing and their getting much more competitive. It is really nice to have them here. Our performance was pretty disciplined, that was one of the things we focused on. We know tomorrow will be extremely hard. To be disciplined was our plan for today and we managed to fulfill it.¨

Luke Browne: ¨I think my guys fought very well. Playing against this opposition is never going to be easy. Their fantastic unit. We choked some good chances, we lacked a little bit of forecheck. We are going to rest up for tomorrow, when we will face-off against Swiss team.¨