30th June 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Canada West defeated Czech White, remain unbeaten going into play-offs

Similarly to Czech Red, Canada West also kept a flawless record in the round-robin as they beat the second U16 Czech team, labeled White. A very physical start of the game didn't give either team an edge, both were able to score once. Despite a powerplay opportunity early in the second period, the Czechs started to slowly fall away as Canada West netted two. In the very last second of the period, however, Pavel Nestrojil cut the Canadian lead in half, promising a dramatic last period. And the teams really didn't disappoint as three goals were scored in the last seven minutes of the game. Canada West managed to fend the hosts off and narrowly beat them 5-4, winning their third game of the tournament as well.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

9. Mackie (Hamelin), 20. Lovett (Andersson, Barker), 27. Gard (Zeeben, Cavan), 32. Hamelin (Gault), 40. Mackie (Lovett) – 14. Nestrojil (Votava, Hradil), 30. Nestrojil, 39. Šimek (Kotrouš, Kaňka), 44. Hradil (Nestrojil, Votava)


Patrick Aerni, Martin Bogáň

Official game sheet

Canada West U16

Cochrane – Mackie, Correia, Moore, Cavan, Gill, Hamelin, Emsley, Barker, Blake, Francis, Digaf, Atwal, Gard, Gault, Fiszer, Nell, Hart, Andersson, Lovett, Zeeben

Czechia White U16

Šprync – Kupka, Walter, Besperát, Hradil, Šimek, Kvítek, Javůrek, Kotrouš, Votava (A), Bár, Kaňka, Chýle, Jánoš, Černý, Městka, Smejkal, Grof, Nestrojil (C), Meiner (A), Pavlíček


Jon Silcox (CAW): „This game was a lot tougher but the boys need to be tested every now and then. First two games were 7-0, 12-0 and you get to play Czechs last. It’s really frustrating, I think we prepared really well but I don’t think we executed well. There was too much selfishness today. We had to stick to the game plan. Maybe the boys thought this was gonna be an easy day but this is the world. Nothing is easy, everything is earned. We have to prepare, we’ll go over some notes and video tonight to prep us for the US tomorrow.“

Michal Edl (CZW): "It was a beautiful game that you don't play every day. Of course, we're a bit disappointed with the goal, but there's nothing we can do about it. They were probably better than us in terms of scoring goals but we aslo had moments when we could have scored. It might have been a bit easier if we had fewer penalties. The team put in a great performance, played a fantastic game. We're very proud of the guys."