29th June 2023 - Štěpán Navrátil

Czechoslovak U16 derby for Slovaks

The classic derby between the Czech Republic and Slovakia was going much better for the Slovaks from the beginning. Thanks to Alex Alföldy's determination in front of the goal, they took the lead which was reinforced by Marek Bonko's goal. Soon after, Ďurčo found an open Maxim Chudý on the back post, who only needed to tap the ball into the exposed net. The Czechs reduced the deficit in the second period with Filip Hradil scoring twice. However, the lead lasted less than a minute as the Slovaks quickly regained the three-goal advantage. In addition to Timotej Imrich, Juraj Ďurčo also contributed, scoring two goals in the final stages of the game, resulting in a 6-1 Slovak win.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

6. Al. Alföldy (Imrich), 10. Bonk (Ad. Alföldy), 13. Chudý (Ďurčo, Bonk), 22. Imrich (Bonk), 36. Ďurčo (Chudý), 44. Ďurčo (Siakeľ) – 22. Hradil (Nestrojil, Votava)


Vitello, Johnstone

Official game sheet

Slovakia U16

Chmelík (Veteráni) – Kováček, Siakeľ, Necpál, Bonk, Cabúk, Benko, Bartok, Balek, Capák – Al. Alföldy, Ďurčo, Gavron, Piško (A), Šimko, Husák, Ad. Alföldy, Urmín, Kluch (C), Imrich (A), Chudý, Franko, Markuš

Czechia White U16

Šprync (36. Hošek) – Besperát, Kvítek, Votava (A), Kaňka, Černý, Městka, Smejkal, Grof – Kupka, Walter, Hradil, Šimek, Javůrek, Kotrouš, Bár, Chýle, Jánoš, Nestrojil (C), Meiner (A), Pavlíček


Róbert Alföldy (SVK): "We expected it to be challenging, which was confirmed from the first minute. We approached this duel with concentration and knew how we wanted to play. The players fulfilled all the tactical instructions we discussed before the match to the letter. It was about controlling the game, which we managed to do throughout the entire match. I must praise the players because we handled special situations well and scored goals on power plays. We are extremely satisfied and proud of what the players demonstrated on the field."

Jan Falař (CZW): "We entered the match knowing that we were not the favorites, which was revealed in the first period when we conceded goals due to our mistakes. Then we urged the players to continue at our established pace, which we managed to do from the second period onwards. The defeat doesn't bother me as much; what saddens me is the injury to our player. We believe that he will be fine, even though he was taken to the hospital. Above all, we wish him good health because that's the most important thing."