29th June 2023 - Ondřej Gajdáček

Albright scored four in USA U23's dominant win against Great Britain

The second game at the tournament went just as the USA U23 expected. Brad Bujdos took advantage of a power-play opportunity and opened the scoring sheet in the 3rd minute. The Americans didn't have any problems with a weaker opposition, and their pummeling didn't slow down even after the goalie change in the second period. At the final horn, the scoreboard displayed the score 15-0. Jordan Albright was named the best player of the game, scoring four goals and picking up two assists, as he played a crucial role in securing the first points at the tournament for the USA.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

3. Bujdos (Albright, Crousy), 7. Callahan (Tolman, Crousy), 7. Albright (Chernetskiy, Albert), 7. Albright (Anesin, Garneau), 10. Crousy (Tolman, Callahan), 10. Albright (Garneau, Anesin), 22. Garneau (Albright, Anesin), 22. Albright (Anesin, Malloy), 23. Garneau (Tolman, Callahan), 28. Tolman (Callahan), 30. Dorsey (Chernetskiy, Bujdos), 32. Drew (Anesin), 36. Crousy (Callahan, Tolman), 39. Miller (Drew, Geatens), 43. Steinberg (Callahan, Miller)


Tomáš Zbořil, Michal Škrobák

Official game sheet

Great Britain U23

Neish (31. Hickton) – Howie, Luknar, Jackson (A), Clayton, Beasley, Phillips, Karmali (C) – Holicka, Gallagher, Bolstridge, Sire, Lewis, Rae, Ray, A. Mohr (A), Bonewell, S. Mohr, Cox, Paget


O´Connell – Albert, Holman, Malloy, Melillo (C), Ferris, Steinberg, Dickhut – Miller, Drew, Andes, Tolman, Crousy, Callahan, Geatens, Bujdos, Dorsey (A), Chernetskiy (A), Albright, Garneau, Anesin


Dan Geatens (USA): "In the match, we were afraid that we wouldn't deliver our standard performance. Great Britain is a fantastic team that never gives up and keeps improving. They played well, they were fast. It wasn't as easy as we expected. We used the game to prepare ourselves as best as possible for the remaining matches."

Luke Browne (GBR): "It wasn't an easy duel. I spoke with the players in the locker room, and we found a lot of positives in our performance. We improved compared to the two previous matches. The guys want to play such games, and they know that without them, we won't reach a higher level."