28th June 2023 - Kryštof Havíř

USA U16 finds a way through gritty Swiss squad, scoring seven unanswered goals

USA U16 started off strong as they scored two goals within the first four minutes. But the early lead might have actually harmed Americans as they let the Swiss play and they capitalized on it. Cioffa struck from the front of the net and equalized. This moment, however, seemed to resurrect the young American squad, which then went on to score seven unanswered goals to finish off the game.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

1. Byington, 4. Moore (Helbling, Nikolajski), 22. Joyce (Morris, Robb), 28. Helbling, 30. Lammi (Byington), 33. Byington (Balana), 34. Lammi (Weiner, Byington), 43. Morris (Robb), 43. Helbling (Nikolajski, Rennebeck) – 14. Hürlimann (Cioffo), 22. Cioffo (Perks, Tanner)


Matthew Wass, Martin Bogáň

Official game sheet


Bergeron (Moffett) – Bonari, Rennebeck, Brideau, Humphries, Stahl, Zevola, Simon, Horner – Helbling, Nikolajski, Moore III, Morris, Joyce, Robb, Petrina, Evans, Balana, Lippo, Weiner, Byington

Switzerland U16

Blaser (Kälin) – Flüeler, Holderegger, Diener, Riesen, Amstutz, Scaglioso, Uhlmmann, Röthlisberger – Lüthi, Cioffo, Tanner, Vanoli, Lienhardt, Coluccia, Tschannen, Jaussi, Kühn, Eggiman, Felder, Hürlimann


Will Rennebeck (USA): It was the first game. We had those famous butterflies in our stomachs because of the excitement. Most of the time, we stuck to our plan. I liked how the guys handled every situation in the game. We have a foundation to build on for the next matches.

Vasco Rodrigues Soares (SUI): Usually, a team goes through three phases. The first is nervousness, then players shake it off and play relaxed in the second phase, and in the third phase, they can sometimes stagnate a bit. Today, we were missing that second phase and that sense of relaxation. We need to work on it for the upcoming games.