28th June 2023 - Martin Rambousek

U16 sensation in Liberec! Czechia Red shocked Canada East

Team Czech Republic Red shocked Canada East in their first game of the U16 tournament. The Czechs built up a two-goal lead early in the match, with Matouš Pospíšil and Martin Šťástka finding the back of the net within a span of twenty seconds. In the middle period, the home national team extended the lead to three goals, forcing the opponents to put in extra effort. An ideal opportunity to narrow the gap presented itself during a power play, but the Canadians failed to convert. And shortly after, they conceded as Jan Zahálka sealed the valuable victory 4-0 for the Czechs.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

3. Chán (Drnec), 4. Zahálka (Chán, Černý), 23. Jankůj, 37. Zahálka (Chán, Černý)


Johnstone, Aerni

Official game sheet

Kanada East U16

Arnold – Bartlerr, Monk, Dawe, Philpott, Park, Barber, Burke, Davis, Pilgrim, Birkett, Elliot-Aldred, O'Brien, Gobel, Doyle, Jackson, Hopcraft, Flynn, Chafe, Blake, Mitchell

Czechia Red U16

Fleischman – Soukup, Kraus, Puzder, Novák, Šťástka (A), Král, Martínek (C), Mejstřík, Koudela, Kučera (A), Slezák, Svatoň, Zahálka, Vaněk, Hlaváček, Pospíšil, Žák, Jankůj, Černý, Chán, Drnec


Vít Čapek (CZR): "I believe that we surprised Canada with two quick goals at the beginning of the first period, and then it dragged on with us throughout the whole game, so to speak. We always capitalized on the chances when Canada was building up pressure. Fleischman held us together in goal, and all the lines played well. For the guys, it was the first opponent of this caliber, maybe even in their lives. Today, we'll enjoy the victory, and tomorrow we'll start with a clean slate and continue working hard."