28th June 2023 - Martin Rambousek

Canada West crushed Slovakia U16, shut-out for Sobkow

Canada West quickly took the lead at the beginning of the game when Ethan Blake opened the scoresheet. By the 24th minute, the Canadians were already up by five goals, prompting the Slovaks to replace Chmelík with Maxx Hamelin in the net. While Slovakia failed to find the net until the final whistle, the North Americans added two more goals, solidifying their decisive win. Canadian goalkeeper Marek Sobkow excelled and picked up a shut-out.
Shots on goal

Goals and assists

6. Blake (Atwal, Gill), 15. Barker (Francis), 16. Emsley (Andersson, Lovett), 19. Moore (Hamelin, Gault), 24. Hamelin (Gault, Mackie), 42. Hamelin (Fiszer, Andersson), 45. Blake (Atwal)


David Gráca, Tomáš Zbořil

Official game sheet

Canada West U16

Sobkow (Cochrane) – Mackie, Correia, Moore, Cavan, Gill, Hamelin (A), Emsley, Barker, Blake, Francis, Digaf, Atwal, Gard, Gault (C), Fiszer, Nel, Hart (A), Andersson, Lovett, Zeeben

Slovakia U16

Chmelík (24. Roth) – Alex Alföldy, Ďurčo, Gavron, Piško (A), Šimko, Husák, Kováčik, Adam Alföldy, Urmín, Siakeľ, Necpál, Bonk, Kluch (C), Cabúk, Imrich, Chudý, Benko, Bartok, Franko, Markuš, Balek, Capák